Patrick Totally

Got featured on Chocolate Grinder a couple of times. The hyperlinks on both of those pages are broken, though.


MC 469, Karma (Bus/Broth/Bath), Jorge, White Uploader, Media Man, Sam Spence, Impotent Shota Complex, Dead for Forever, HXE, The Beautiful Ones, (2017/2019) Amiibo Control Commitee, Remote Viewing, Neon American, Withplastic, Eddie the Eagle, Pale Waters (not affiliated with Pale Waters 2), Michale Gentle, Dancer, Younghee Higa, 49 to Alaska, Ricardo`M`Lu, Living Loving Maid, and it's not even about anything important, 1'9", DJ Funk Blossoms, Authorita[ria]n, In the Cradle of Democracy, Music for the in the Headphone On, mome, it's a homicide, brettee, etc.

Member of

The Media Men, Filter Body, Rose Harbor, Fievel Goes West, Everything Before This Second Is (Behind You/A Decoy), Makoto, Nerhio, prion, Soceorge, Archive 1289, etc.

This website is constantly being updated. You are allowed to sample/manipulate/remix my art for anything that is not NFTs.